Clone Wines—Barossa Valley Shiraz

The Western Ridge in South Australia's Barossa Valley wine region is home to a variety of Shiraz clones, each a testament to it’s unique terroir. For this wine, the winemakers identified a single vineyard Shiraz clone 1127 for it's deep colour and sweet raspberry and blackberry fruit. Positioned north to south, the sun penetrates the vine longer during the day on the elevated free draining soils of ironstone over red clay.

Clone Wines was created by former Gawler school mates Domenic Torzi and Tim Freeland. Their vineyards are unique remnant plantings that have mostly survived urban expansion, true masterpieces of wine grape flavour, weathered, gnarly and magnificent in their defiance of commercial expansion. Wine made by flavour, not by numbers is one way of describing their approach to winemaking.

Clone Wines 2017 Barossa Valley Shiraz

An unparalleled creation.

The overt use of colour, modern bold logotype and discreet use of hot copper foiling speaks of the minimal intervention winemaking process and full bodied charachteristics of this wine.

Clone Wines 2017 Barossa Valley Shiraz


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